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  • Power supply

    +12V(3-19V) DC 5A max and build in Voltage Current Meter/Tester

  • +12V DC Jack Plug

    GND & +12V DC Banana 4mm connectors

  • Powered and controlled

    by build-in fast and safe processor.

  • It has build in antenna coil/reader

    and extra antenna extension plug for many car's keys and transponders

  • EEPROM programmer

    with automatic procedure

  • Switch SW3

    ”force ignition" on (15) when there is no key or broken ignition

  • Female OBDII

    socket for any an external diagnostic/scan tools

  • 5x DB25 ports

    including a port for future extensions ordapters to our tool

  • 3x Main Switches

    A-Main switch/power supply-(30), B-Ignition1-(15), C-2nd Ignition (15a) & “Ignition forcing” for many cars via OBDII port

  • SW4 as Micro Switch

    which is controlling the procedures of EEPROM programming and changing resistance between CAN H & CAN L and LED diode indicator of Red, Orange, Green colours

  • 16pins-repeated from OBDII socket

    for system controlling or adding any emulator/analysers

  • Protection against reverse polarity

    and over loading created connections with all modules, including the tool in self

  • USB port for updates and software

    Comes with online software in basic activation

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