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Here is our latest PCB Extension to Bestdiagcar Tool.

"We have made this PCB extension on request from our customers"

With this PCB Extension, you will be able to configure-connect-within-that board as YOU like and it would be very easy&handy to use with all our PCBs-Adapters-Emulator.

On the board:

-3 x Relays to the totally FREE configuration, can act as individual Relays or all together

-1 x Double/Dual, Female DB25 Ports-All connected or It can be completely isolated from the main BDC Tool if needed

-1 x Single Male DB25 Port to connect with the Main BDC Tool

-3 x LEDs, Indicating SW1-SW2-SW3 from the main BDC Tool

-3 x Extra Sets of 6PINS-2.4mm Header Straight Connectors-Free Jumpers Connections to connect as You like

-2 x Extra Set of 4PINS-Connections for Power Output & GND

-3 x 25P-2.54mm Header Straight Pins connectors

-5 x Free INPUT Configuration 2.54mm Header Straight connectors (2P-4P-10P-18P-20) Single&Double

-5 x Free OUTPUT Configuration 2.54mm Angled connectors (2P-4P-10P-18P-20P) Single&Double

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