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VAG Cluster Extension B/1: NEC CLUSTER BENCH RIG 

Designed to facilitate key programming to VAG NEC Clusters on the bench in conjunction with our tool/BestDiagCar 
Tool and  SMOK, Abrites/AVDI or many similar programming devices. 
With working key* or without, known as "ALL KEY LOST SITUATION".** 
When all keys are lost on vehicles with this type of cluster, the EEPROM will need to be first, removed from the cluster 
and then, read and placed in service mode. A rig helps programme keys without the car being present and prevents 
components on the car corrupting, which can happen when placing the cluster back in to the car half way through the 

NEC clusters are known to be installed  from 2007 and become more common on cars after 2009+ 

"ALL KEY LOST SITUATION"-2009+VW vehicles with VDO instrument cluster(NEC Chip),currently require Service 
Mode for all lost key situation. If you already have a programmed key then this is NOT Required. 

* or ** Please refer to our instruction. 

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